Work Experience

Year 10 is a very exciting time for students at Treviglas as they have the opportunity of participating in a week’s work experience. This Block Work Experience enables the students to improve their employability skills and to put the knowledge and skills they have learnt in IT, Careers, PSHE and Citizenship into practice in a real workplace situation. Some students will use the placement to complete booklets that will be used in other subjects for coursework.

The process we use to organise the “work placements” with businesses is as follows:-

Finding a Work Experience Placement

Your son or daughter will have designated lessons in IT as we encourage them to find their own placement. There is a database of placements we have on a website www.learnaboutwork.net/cornwall and your son or daughter will have a unique PIN number they can use to log on and search and apply for jobs.

They can also find a placement by using the telephone directory. There is also a school data base of employers that previous students have used.

We will be looking at writing a letter of application with them as part of their IT course to prepare them for find a work placement.

If you would like your son or daughter to have a work placement that is outside Cornwall this is fine but you need to let me, the Work Experience Co-ordinator, know as soon as possible as arranging this can take a long time.

The Approval and Consent Form

Once your son or daughter has found a work placement and been accepted you will have an Approval and Consent Form sent home for you to complete section 1 Information About the Student and send it back to me as soon as possible.

We will then send the form to the placement provider who will complete sections 2 and 3 and sign in section 4 and return it to you to see the details of the placement. If you are happy with the placement you and your son or daughter must sign in section 4 and return it to me at the school.

Your son or daughter cannot go on their placement until this form has been fully completed and returned to me at the school.

Health Safety and Welfare for Work Experience

Cornwall Education Business Partnership will have visited the work placement provider to make sure they are able to take account of the health, safety and welfare of your son or daughter. Again the placement cannot take place BEFORE they have approved the placement.

We will provide a general health and safety course before your son or daughter go on their placement and if they undertaking a High Risk Placement we will make sure they are aware of the specific risks and their control measures.

The placement provider must give your son or daughter a health and safety induction on the first morning which he or she will record in their logbook.

A member of staff will visit the work placement and talk to your son or daughter and their work placement supervisor. If their placement is out of Cornwall they will be contacted by telephone to see that all is well.

Who to Contact in School

If you feel you need any further clarification or information or if you need to talk to someone urgently about your son or daughter whilst they are on their work placement then please contact Mr T Wilson, Work Experience Coordinator.