Treviglas Girls winning technology 'Best App' award!

Treviglas Academy Triumphs at TecGirls Event with Innovative Environmental App Design

Treviglas Academy proudly announces its remarkable victory at the recent TecGirls event hosted at the Eden Project. Nine talented Treviglas Academy girls showcased their ingenuity and commitment by participating in a challenging competition aimed at fostering innovation and sustainability.

Charged with the task of developing an App to address pressing environmental concerns, the Treviglas Academy students rose to the occasion with unparalleled creativity and determination.
The Treviglas Academy student’s’ designed a fun app called, "Waste Chase," which uses cutting-edge AI technology to suggest engaging craft projects from items found on litter picks. The App also aims to promote environmental consciousness as well as fosters a sense of community engagement and creativity.

The Treviglas team proudly presented their innovative concept to an audience of over 100 individuals, including a distinguished panel of judges, winning the prestigious "Best App Design" award.

Reflecting on the exhilarating day, Headteacher of Treviglas Academy, Mr James Rogers commented; "Congratulations to {insert student names}. We are immensely proud of their achievements. Not only have they shown their amazing understanding of technology and innovation but their responsibility for their environment.”

Amidst the jubilant celebrations that ensued, the victorious Treviglas Academy students capped off the day's festivities with an exhilarating zip down the Eden Project's iconic slide.