Open Evening Tuesday 24th September 2024, 4.30 - 7 pm


Entry requirements: GCSE - English and Maths Grade 6. Biology GCSE grade 6 or Trilogy Science grade 6-6
The A level biology course explores the hidden world of cells and the biological molecules from which all living things are made.
We study the exchange systems of plants and animals such as the lungs, digestive system, leaves and roots, then begin to discover how genetic information leads to variation and complex relationships between organisms.
As we move into year 2 of the course we further develop these themes with a detailed study of photosynthesis, respiration and how organisms respond to their environments.
Finally, we uncover the finer points of gene interactions and control of gene expression. In practical lessons you will dissect organs, work with invertebrates and develop a range of analytical skills for working with biological samples.
Career opportunities: medicine, veterinary, marine biology, ecology, pharmacology, biochemistry, research scientist, the possibilities are endless!
Mrs Seyfert