Entry requirements: CSE - English and Maths Grade 6. Chemistry GCSE grade 6 or Trilogy Science grade 6-6
Chemistry is the study of the materials that have been discovered, developed and tested such as; medicines, foods, fuels, plastics, fertilisers and fabrics. This course will help you to see the world differently with regards to behaviour of atoms, bonding, structure of molecules and compounds, reactions and so much more!
Chemistry is of central importance to the sciences as a whole as the chemical reactions that it governs are fundamental to all of science. This is an exam based course though practical skills and analysis play an important role in the qualification as practical skills are assessed throughout.
Career opportunities: data analysis, health and clinical roles, teaching, research, biochemistry, pharmacist, forensic scientist or technician, oceanographer and so many more…!
Teachers: Mrs Rounsevell, Miss Whitchurch and Miss Milis