Open Evening Tuesday 24th September 2024, 4.30 - 7 pm




At Treviglas Academy, we value the power of reading. We know that where students improve their reading skills, they will improve their attainment across the curriculum, including in subjects which are not typically literacy based, such as in maths and science. Reading regularly has also been shown to reduce stress, improve concentration and memory, strengthen and expand vocabulary and also increase imagination and creativity.


Students read regularly as part of the tutor programme where they explore and discuss a range of fiction books across the year.  The books are chosen to complement the PSHE programme and offer poignant and interesting themes for students to engage with.


In addition to a range of opportunities to read and explore texts across the curriculum, students frequently visit the library and enjoy reading as part of their English lessons.  We use the Accelerated Reader programme to support students to choose books within their own reading range and then take a short quiz on the book to check their understanding. Students really enjoy completing the quizzes and they find it a rewarding and motivating way to increase their reading for pleasure outside of the classroom.


Throughout the year, there are lots of opportunities for students to engage with reading for pleasure.  This includes a range of activities and competitions, author visits, Treviglas book groups, as well as our celebration for World Book Day.


We recognise the enormous power of reading and very much look forward to welcoming you to Treviglas  Academy, where your son/ daughter can partake in the next stage of their reading journey.