Refurbishment Programme

An exciting refurbishment project at Treviglas Academy is currently underway. The extensive renovations include the replacement of the old Elliott huts with a new architecturally designed building, creating a modern and improved learning environment for the school community.

The inclusion of new technology and classroom furniture in refurbished classrooms will undoubtedly enhance the educational experience for both students and allow staff to deliever high quality education.

The addition of new technology rooms, library and a lecture theatre will provide students with access to updated resources and facilities for all subjects and activities. These spaces will promote collaboration, innovation and engagement within the school community. Furthermore, the recent investment in replacing the sports dome will also continue our high achieving offer on sports and physical activities, providing students with an enhanced playing surface for various sports and activities.

Overall, this refurbishment project is a significant step towards providing and improving the educational setting at Treviglas Academy. This major investment has been made to create an environment that supports learning, technology integration, and overall student and staff well-being.
Demolition Timelapse Week 1