Open Evening Tuesday 24th September 2024, 4.30 - 7 pm

School Life


We will make arrangements for you to visit Treviglas before you join us. We understand you may be worried about finding your way around. Our Year 7 students tell us they know their way around the school within their first week. Even though our school site will be quite a bit bigger than your primary school, we are small for a secondary school. This enables us to know all our pupils well.

If you choose to join us, your form tutor will show you around the school and show you where your lessons will be taking place. You will be given a map of the school. Every classroom is numbered, and these go in numerical order starting with room 1 off the hall.

When new students join the school, we know you might be unsure where to go at first, so there will be lots of members of staff around to help you. Staff are always located in reception, and in student services (at the other end of the school), and can help you at any time. You can also ask other students if you are unsure where to go – we are all happy to help.