Leadership Opportunities

Post 16 students are involved with the whole college and are role models for younger students.

We have an annual hustings and election to decide our Head student team for each year. We also have elected student ambassadors, who represent the college at public events and who welcome parents and guests to Treviglas.

Our Head student team meets regularly. Head Students and designated representatives from both year groups sit on our Academic Board, a committee which meets with the senior leadership team to discuss college matters.

Our Head Students also lead the whole College Council, where elected students from every year group discuss college matters. Students are involved via both committees in developing and implementing college policies.

Our post 16 students host an annual Charity week in December, where money is raised for charities. Post 16 students also help to organise our House sports day in July.

Students make individual arrangements to support younger students in lessons. Many of our students carry out community service either in a Key Stage 3 or 4 lesson or in a local primary school.
We have our own Junior Lions (Leos) committee, who meet once a month to decide on creative and lucrative ways to raise money for good causes. Our students hold positions of responsibility on the committee and many of our young people sign up to join the Young Leaders in Service Award Scheme.

Our sport students complete sport leadership awards and assist in the running of sporting festivals and competitions for our own students and for pupils from primary schools. Music leaders assist with our steel and samba bands, choir, ukulele and jazz bands.Students pay an annual sum of money into their Investment fund, which is used to fund extra-curricular enhancement activities. Nominated students sit on the Investment Fund steering committee, which meets every half term to decide how the money will be spent.

We have a thriving Duke of Edinburgh programme and many of our gold award students go on to be Young leaders, helping younger students complete the bronze and silver awards and assisting in expeditions.

Post 16 students have a long history of engagement in leadership activities, thereby helping others whilst enhancing their own personal profile.