Online Safety

Online safety is extremely important and we take the e-safety of our students very seriously.

The internet is a useful and intelligent resource that enables people to connect, learn, be creative and communicate with one another. However, we must also educate students with the dangers that can pose online and how we can ensure that children are kept safe online.

We strongly recommend that all online activity is appropriately supervised by a parent or carer. Any social media posts should be respectful and tolerant of other individuals, without the use of inflammatory or offensive language. If an online platform becomes offensive or concerning in any way, do not continue to post. Screen shot, report to a parent or carer or school and consider reporting to the Police. Cyber bullying is a crime.

Please find below useful links on how to keep your child safe online or what to do if you have any queries regarding your child’s online activity.
UK Safer Internet Centre

Think U Know

UK Council for Internet Safety

Further information, including posters specific to each popular website can be found by following the National Online Safety #WakeUpWednesday Link found here.