Open Evening Tuesday 24th September 2024, 4.30 - 7 pm

Music Tech

Entry requirements: Ideally GCSE Music 4 grade 5 or above
A Level Music Technology explores how music is written and then shaped in the studio, covering a wide range of areas from sequencing, recording and composing through to mixing music in a professional environment.

For the final coursework pieces, you will be introduced to sequencing & recording using the latest version of the Digital Audio Workstation Cubase. From here you will produce your own multi-track recording using a high-quality mixing desk in our outstanding studio. You will also create a highly creative composition that uses all forms of music technology including synthesis, sampling, original sound creation and audio manipulation.

The exam components of the course cover the development of recording and production technology (quite literally from jazz to Jay Z), along with the principles of audio technology. There is also a practical computer based exam where you edit, analyse and mix a given song.

In summary, this is a hands-on contemporary course that will be of interest to anyone wanting to learn about music production techniques and recording.  In addition to the course requirements there will be opportunities to record and mix live performances within the music and wider performing arts areas of the school, as well as the potential of working in collaboration with people in the local music industry.
Career opportunities: sound engineer, record producer, teacher, performers, composers and songwriters, broadcasting Individuals with qualifications in Mathematics and Physics in addition to Music Technology can pursue careers in an even wider range of industries including software development (especially music software), acoustic engineering and design.