Entry requirements: Grade 5 and above in 5 GCSE subjects (including English)
Sociology is the study of the social world. It involves studying human beings and their patterns of behaviour. In order to do this, we focus on the way people form relationships and how these relationships, considered in their totality, are represented by the concept of a “society”.

In Year 12 we look at socialisation, identity and culture which involves exploring the different aspects of societies with an in-depth study of the family, media and youth culture. We also look at research methods and patterns and trends in social class, gender, ethnicity and age.

In Year 13 we explore the impact of globalisation on the world and complete a depth study on crime and deviance in society.
Career opportunities:
Sociology can be useful in a number of careers including the media, public relations, government, research, police, law, education, social work and medicine.

Teachers: Mrs Handford