Foreign Languages

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Stand out from the crowd - speak another language!

Year 10 students have the opportunity to study a foreign language by opting for a GCSE in French or Spanish. Language skills are highly valued by employers, as well as higher education establishments. With a shortage of foreign language speakers in the UK, why not set yourself apart by continuing with French or Spanish?

Learning a language will help you with your other subjects because it improves your memory, helping you to remember lists, sequences and patterns. It is a scientific fact that language learning makes your brain work more quickly! Learning a language expands life opportunities and increases travel opportunities. Evidence shows that students who study foreign languages tend to score better on standardised tests than those who only speak one language.

The GCSE course includes some topics that will be familiar from Key Stage 3, and some exciting new topics, including festivals, celebrations, the environment and social issues. Within the taught cause there is a focus on translation, the ability of students to cope with unpredictable and unfamiliar language, and the ability to speak and write spontaneously. The Year 9 scheme of learning has been created to ensure students develop the key linguistic skills and topic content required for success at Key Stage 4, thereby ensuring a smooth transition to GCSE. Therefore students must opt for the language they have studied in Year 9.

Students will follow the AQA GCSE specification and will take four exams at the end of Year 11. The exams are divided into the key skills of reading, listening, writing and speaking. Each exam is worth 25% of the final grade and students will take all four exams at either foundation or higher tier.

To ensure success at GCSE, all Key Stage 4 students will be supported by our foreign languages assistant through regular small group speaking sessions. Vocabulary learning is set weekly and you will also use online resources including a variety of language learning websites to practise at home.

Exciting new links with partner schools abroad are currently being established, so this is a fantastic time to take your language skills further. Both French and Spanish are included in the English Baccalaureate measure. If you or your parents/carers have any questions about the GCSE course please speak to your teacher or contact me (gbt@treviglas.cornwall.sch.uk). Further information is also available at the MFL club in room 8 every Friday lunchtime, just pop along to find out more.

Why not rise to the challenge of a GCSE in your MFL, and see where it leads you?