Personal Development


Our vision is that all students enjoy achieving their best so that they can be happy and successful in their future careers or study, but also that they can go on to lead full, well-rounded lives. At the heart of our vision are the Treviglas cornerstones as everyone at Treviglas should: practise kindness, value ourselves, attend everyday and work hard.


Treviglas is built upon the ethos of kindness and this permeates through everything that we do. We recognise that, to be truly kind, all of our staff and students need to practise kindness on a daily basis. We want all of our students to have the moral attitudes to act with respect, integrity and tolerance within British democratic society. By ensuring that kindness is at the centre of our community, and our lives, we will support happiness and fulfilment in every aspect of development.

Through the teaching of the curriculum, our pastoral support, the activities and opportunities beyond the classroom, we will develop motivated students with the social confidence to be successful in achieving their short and long-term commitments, ultimately leading to a fulfilled life. Students will be supported to take ownership of their development and become motivated to invest in this development. Through both the curriculum and extra-curricular activities, we will expose students to the ‘best that has been thought and said’, so that students experience the best cultural opportunities from this country and around the world.

Our Personal Development intent enables our students to realise our vision of character and culture development. Whilst every experience offers opportunity for personal development, we will offer a minimum entitlement to students through the teaching of the arts, sport and our pastoral programmes, together with the work through careers, the curriculum and the teaching of RSE and PHSE. The following strands support our strategy for the development of character and culture in our students:

  • Creative arts
  • Sports and leadership
  • Tutor programme and volunteering
  • Careers
  • PHSE/RSE programme
  • Humanities
  • Opportunities across the curriculum as a whole

Whilst personal development cannot be defined and achieved through a single activity, the intent within each of these strands will support the development of students who enjoy achieving their best in every aspect of their lives.