The KS3 curriculum is a chronological journey through time starting in 1000 and working towards the present day. We want students to develop the skills required to become inquisitive historians (or detectives of the past as we like to call them)! Throughout the chronological journey we incorporate ’big questions’ to engage our students into deeper enquiries linked to the areas of study. Examples of the big enquiry questions are:

How did William gain control of England?

Was Elizabeth the greatest monarch?

How far did all Americans achieve the American Dream?

Each year of study will involve a focus on British and non-British history alongside local studies. We have included Black History, women’s history and migration to Britain in each year of study. It is very important that our students are made aware of the rich, diverse and multi-cultural heritage of this country.

The units of study that we have opted for are linked to the KS2 and KS4 elements of the National Curriculum – to create a spiralling journey. The key concepts have been developed to link to the National Curriculum and Assessment Objectives at GCSE. Students are provided with Personal Learning Checklists so they can review their learning journey.