School Uniform

We believe that college uniform is a clear indicator of many of the standards which the college seeks to instil in its students.

Furthermore they acknowledge the view supported by a majority of parents that a uniform prevents competition over high-fashion clothing and makes differences in parental income less obtrusive. Every student at Treviglas is expected to wear the full college uniform, which is deliberately kept as simple and reasonably priced as possible. Students attending our post-16 centre are expected to dress in appropriate clothing of their own choice.

We appreciate that young people need to express their individual tastes and styles but do not feel that college is an appropriate place for extremes of fashion, whether in clothing, shoes, hair-styles, jewellery, make-up, nail varnish or general appearance. Consequently, students who do not adhere to the college’s policy on uniform will be spoken to by staff and will be required to make the necessary changes to their dress or appearance. The college expects full support from parents in making Treviglas a calm and equable place and reserves the right to make the final decision in such matters.

We require the uniform policy to be actively upheld by students and all members of staff. The full college uniform policy can be accessed by clicking the link below – please select policy 28: